WinterFloki is a new project carried out by members of the management team following SHIB. It has a mature and stable team and many following investors. WinterFloki aims to create a new repurchase and burn dividend tokens. With a strong fomo factor relationship, we have performed the world's top Certik audit submission in the early stage of development, and completed all audits before the opening of the pre-sale. also ,We will quickly list cmc and cg so that we can expand our influence. And we will rank the dextool hot list based on the existing transaction volume. Of course, this is just a small preparation for us in the early stage. We will log in to shibswap in the mid-term for pledge mining and trading.Log in to a certain cex for listing, and finally commit to listing binance and Coinbase.
Let people all over the world know and use $WinterFloki this is our ultimate goal.
Last modified 10mo ago